fandoms, fanart and desing

Hello there!

just call me mj | 97'
she / her | bi
esp / eng | COL
gfx designer by day, illustrator by night


▹ i'm a latina artist based in Colombia who loves kpop and creating fanart for it so i talk about that all day on my twt
▹ infp / slytherin / aries
▹ other of my interests are finding new music and making playlists on spotify, doing digital journal, vampires, moodboards and some video editing
▹ my account is sfw but if you need some cw please feel free to lmk

my interests

sorry, it's a mess


i've been in many fandoms through the years but kpop is my main fandom right now. Mostly moarmy but there are some other groups i stan/listen casually


▹ bias: namjoon & seokjin
▹ fav era: ly tear - mots: 7
▹ fave songs: dna, intro: skool luv affair, gogo, epiphany, trivia: love
▹ fave mv: run, bwl


▹ bias: yeonjun & soobin
▹ fav era: tdc: eternity, minisode01: blue hour
▹ fave songs: eternally, cysm?, run away, popping star, blue hour
▹ fave mv: cysm?, cat&dog


▹ bias: yechan
▹ fav era: panorama
▹ fave songs: flare, flowering, jogging
▹ fave mv: jogging, snooze

stray kids

▹ bias: chan & felix
▹ fav era: go生
▹ fave songs: the tortoise and the hare, wow, get cool, back door
▹ fave mv: god's menu,
all in

casually listen to

▹groups: monsta x, got7, loona, pentagon, kard, seventeen, golden child, onf, nct 127, day6, the rose, mamamoo, dreamcatcher, gfriend, exo, block b

▹soloist: hyuna, dawn, dean, crush, bibi, wonho, cl, iu, taemin


please recommend me new music! i love making playlist for every mood and my music taste is all over the place but here are some of my playlists on spotify

other media

i don't actively tweet about these interests but feel free hmu with recommendations or just to talk about them!

▹fave animes:
tsuritama, mob psycho: 100, one punch man, no. 6, terror in resonance, fma:b, tengen toppa, ouran host club, given, hunterxhunter

▹fave mangas:
dr. stone, jujutsu kaisen, chainsaw man, spyxfamily, blue exorcist, boku no hero academia, kimetsu no yaiba, all of junji ito’s works

▹fave movies:
donnie darko, promare, howl's moving castle, ponyo, paprika, your name, mad max: fury road, matilda, jennifer's body, knives out, interstellar, all tinkerbell movies